The following real estate transactions are for $10,000 or more:

Cambria County

187Boy619 Trust from Joshua N. Taylor, property in Reade Township, $23,000.

Family Lease LLC form Patrick J. Martella, property in Johnstown’s 8th Ward, $37,000.

Suzanne P. Szabo from Family Dream Home Rentals LLC, property in Johnstown’s 8th Ward, $39,900.

Brad Lee Motchenbaugh from Louise C. Bodenschatz, property in Croyle Township, $103,000.

Micah J. Howell from Emerald Estates Inc., property in Cambria Township, $64,000.

James Howard Seymour Jr. from Richard E. Smith, property in Upper Yoder Township, $94,900.

Kayla M. Smith from Norman Gordon, property in Ferndale Borough, $40,000.

JBA Rentals & Investments LLC from Red Hat Properties LLC, by trustee, property in Dale Borough, $12,500.

Christine F. Osborne from Barbara King, property in Chest Township, $10,400.

Beth Michelle Weakland from Wilmington Savings Fund Society Trust, by attorney-in-fact, property in Gallitzin Borough, $21,500.

LGR Realty Enterprises LLC from E. Korp LLC, by trust, property in Richland Township, $76,000.

Juanita McNeil from JRP Investments Inc., by trust, property in Johnstown’s 17th Ward, $25,000.

Mital Patel from Rita M. Clark, property in Richland Township, $159,000.

Matthew C. Spisak from Darlene J. Catterall, by attorney-in-fact, property in Richland Township, $95,000.

Suzanne P. Szabo from Sylvester Scaleta II Revocable Trust, by trustee, property in Johnstown’s 8th Ward, $65,000.

Timothy Hugh Dollar from S&P Rentals Inc., property in Johnstown’s 7th Ward, $13,000.

Travis C. Niel from Kyle A. Wirick, property in Richland Township, $125,000.

Wesley Layton from Richard G. Allen Jr., property in Southmont Borough, $174,200.

Louis Andrew Long from Kyle W. Goisovich, property in Southmont Borough, $42,000.

Wolfpack Capital LLC from V. Lynne Engleka, property in Geistown Borough, $87,000.

Melanie R. Heming from Patricia E. Mills, property in Nanty Glo Borough, $93,854.

Smith Brothers Property LLC from Redevelopment Authority City of Johnstown, property in Johnstown’s 14th Ward, $15,000.

Rupe Sabrina Cardoso from Catherine Mihelic, by attorney-in-fact, property in West Taylor Township, $59,000.

Samuel A. Bassett from Carol Bobby Brown, property in Clearfield Township, $50,000.

Jorge E. Dias from Emerald Estates Inc., property in Cambria Township, $80,000.

Matthew D. Eckenrode from Francis T. Conrad, property in Gallitzin Borough, $135,000.

Robert Mills from Marc A. Schrift, property in Adams Township, $165,000.

Mark Destafano from Jeffrey D. Eger, property in Cresson Borough, $184,900.

Skylar Jones from Douglas W. Ellis, property in Nanty Glo Borough, $80,000.

Robert L. Smith Jr. from Walter D. Zabrosky, property in Portage Township, $42,500.

Bryan Clarence Smith from Susan E. Zepp, by guardian, property in Stonycreek Township, $50,000.

Maura N. Barto from Jeffrey J. Kline, property in Richland Township, $87,500.

Lori L. Landers from Roger D. Potratz, property in Lower Yoder Township, $126,500.

Todd M. Rolla from Courtney D. Cuppett, property in Richland Township, $389,500.

James W. Moore from Carole A. Zahurak, property in Lower Yoder Township, $78,000.

KASU 2012 Nevada Trust from Karl T. Lee, property in Munster Township, $750,000.

James F. Abrams from Keith E. Jones, property in Westmont Borough, $125,000.

Somerset County

Joseph Warnagiris from Jeffrey D. Lioon, property in Middlecreek Township, $1,499,000.

James Pottinger from Andrew G. Graf, property in Jefferson Township, $100,000.

Gaskap from Gary L. Kaplan, property in Jefferson Township, $314,456.

Nathan C. Webb from Peter Korhut, property in Windber Borough, $145,000.

James Daniel White from William G. Richter Lumber Co., property in Summit Township, $200,000.

Harold S. Zimmerman from Marcia Lane Wolff Estate, property in Hooversville Borough, $46,920.

Euan Guttridge from Edward Alexander Dikun Jr., property in Middlecreek Township, $495,000.

Dwayne E. Stiffey from David E. Mimna, property in Somerset Township, $124,900.

Berlin Area Ambulance Association from Betty G. Brant Estate, property in Berlin Borough, $130,000.

Timothy Lynn Pearce Jr. from August J. Centi, by POA, property in Somerset Township, $175,000.

Fetters Properties from Robert E. Boast, property in Paint Borough, $67,000.

Derick M. Lang from Richard D. Lohr Revocable Trust, property in Paint Township, $249,900.

Jordan Lepley from Joseph B. Stierheim, property in Summit Township, $100,000.

Eugene R. Shildt from First Presbyterian Resource, property in Jefferson Township, $140,000.

Annan Thomassy from Andrew L. Crum, property in Windber Borough, $57,900.

HB Property Holdings from Richard L. Horner Jr., property in Paint Borough, $54,900.

Stanton Walls from Mario D. Marisa, property in Conemaugh Township, $64,500.

Kelsey Vann from Brett M. Robinson, property in Conemaugh Township, $139,025.

Linda B. Teets from Beth A. Hollis, property in Rockwood Borough, $10,000.

James C. Onstead from Duppstadt 3, property in Somerset Township, $280,802.40.

Duppstadt 3 from James A. Onstead, property in Somerset Township, $150,438.40.

James A. Onstead from Duppstadt, property in Somerset Township, $280,802.40.

Penny L. Suwak from Melvin J. Kelly, property in Jenner Township, $55,000.

Jan M. Shubert from Freedom Mortgage Corp., by POA, property in Jenner Township, $82,400.

Daniel L. Moore from Paul T. Schlemmer, property in Somerset Borough, $137,000.

Eddie B. Boozer from Elsie Jane Mitchell Estate, property in Quemahoning Township, $205,000.

GHC Prime Rentals from Terry L. St. Clair, property in Somerset Borough, $625,000.

Stephen W. Onstead from PBS Coals Inc., property in Somerset Township, $10,000.

Hauger Residuals from Dennis W. Riley, property in Jefferson Township, $105,000.

Sarah Hanna from Bair Family Trust, property in Jefferson Township, $245,000.

Elysium Inc. from Brida’s Inc., property in Indian Lake Borough, $160,000.

Jason S. Cornett from Michael J. Gozdick, property in Central City Borough, $21,837.

Gary L. Costello from Imgrund Irrevocable Grantor Trust, property in Allegheny Trust, $105,000.

Eric P. Hoffman from Ernest P. Hoffman, property in Lincoln Township, $155,000.

Dillon Scott Speelman from The Gray Community Club, property in Jenner Township, $21,000.

Noah J. Yoder from David E. Durst, property in Elk Lick Township, $325,000.

Lillian Coughenour from Robin Lamca, property in Shade Township, $42,172.80.

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