The following real estate transactions are for $10,000 or more:

Cambria County

Florence Marie Berkebile from Donald W. Gregory, by attorney-in-fact, property in Lorain Borough, $30,000.

Richard Polonkey from Robert E. Garman, property in East Taylor Township, $11,000.

Sean Smith from Carole A. Velasquez, property in Croyle Township, $652,500.

Bryan M. Rose from Kathleen Smetana, property in Portage Township, $74,000.

Fnu Asharofik from Joseph L. Inzana Sr., property in Cambria Township, $115,000.

Jared Charles Gray from Kenneth P. Bradley, property in Cresson Borough, $115,540.

Jerry Martin from Fred M. Davis Jr., property in Richland Township, $201,000.

Carl Phillips from Holsopple Revocable Trust, by trustee, property in Jackson Township, $135,000.

Tyler N. Tate from Jonathan R. McConville, property in Richland Township, $94,900.

Simone Coughenour from Brenda D. Burket, property in Adams Township, $215,000.

Northern Cambria Municipal Authority from Kurt R. Nilson, property in Susquehanna Township, $80,000.

Mikron Properties LLC from Tracey L. Howard, property in Richland Township, $67,500.

John J. Hershberger from Edward Defazio, property in Blacklick Township, $35,000.

Davis Excavating LLC from Deborah A. Hufford, property in Portage Township, $40,000.

Vincent Paul Strugala II from Thomas L. Wilson, property in Richland Township, $260,000.

Sean E. Lantz from Renee M. Pupo, property in Gallitzin Township, $20,000.

Norma M. Nealen from Fred A. Mazzarella, property in Cambria Township, $210,000.

Don C. Cortese from Joseph E. Roach, property in Upper Yoder Township, $187,000.

Christopher S. Young from Terry D. Molchan, property in Jackson Township, $61,000.

B&B Investment Realty LLC from Eric J. Holtz, property in White Township, $38,000.

James Laughard from Earl J. Link, property in Blacklick Township, $15,000.

Elizabeth Dunmore from James Edward Hudspeth, property in Westmont Borough, $349,900.

Pamela Michele Bear from Amy E. Niehouse, property in Adams Township, $68,500.

Daniel Dunmore from Joel R. Bowser, property in Westmont Borough, $51,000.

Castro Belfond from DSG 718 LLC, property in Johnstown’s 17th Ward, $22,000.

D&W Grove Investors LLC from David R. Clark, property in Johnstown’s 17th Ward, $44,000.

James G. Chilcot III from Meyers Family Trust, by trustee, property in Richland Township, $69,300.

Lisa Urgo Pasquerilla Trust from Vicki L. Graves, property in Westmont Borough, $65,000.

Diane Metzgar from Jonathon M. Juhas, property in Geistown Borough, $90,000.

Jared M. McCleester from Nancy Appley, property in East Taylor Township, $80,000.

Brian Lechene from Ashley N. McDonald, property in Hastings Borough, $60,000.

Reese J. Kammerer from Mitchell J. Hoffman, property in Richland Township, $70,000.

Felipe Rosa from Gregory Alan Monk, property in Johnstown’s 17th Ward, $65,000.

Mary A. Kitchen from Elizabeth L. Wojno, property in Northern Cambria Borough, $12,000.

Aaron E. McCarthy from Ramesh K. Karne, property in Southmont Borough, $168,000.

Janis M. Harrold from Joan T. Lubert, property in Allegheny Township, $238,000.

Derrick D. Bautista from Kimberly A. Purelli, property in Westmont Borough, $229,900.

Joshua M. Penrod from Anna Marie Mlinarchik, property in Middle Taylor Township, $189,000.

Andrew Gardner from Thomas Hoven, property in White Township, $49,900.

Christopher Sodmont from U.S. Bank National Association Trust, by attorney-in-fact, property in Hastings Borough, $25,000.

Amanda L. Edwards from Patricia L. Voss, property in Portage Borough, $15,000.

Paul A. Maul from Samuel E. Stevens, property in Portage Township, $60,000.

Tiffany N. Chappell from Trevor J. Soltis, property in Ebensburg Borough, $120,000.

Elizabeth Sanchez from John Schropp Jr., property in Ferndale Borough, $60,000.

James B. Johns Jr. from Justin A. Myers, property in Ehrenfeld Borough, $39,900.

Devon William Jackson from William A. Cacciotti, property in Johnstown’s 8th Ward, $68,001.

A2Z P1 LLC from Mutual Development Co. Johnstown LLC, property in Johnstown’s 1st Ward, $80,000.

Blaine Balicki Jr. from James D. Jacoby, property in Conemaugh Township, $40,500.

Robert A. Anderson from Richard D. Thomas, property in Richland Township, $78,000.

Roxanne E. Jewett from Joseph A. Loughran, property in Carrolltown Borough, $140,000.

SSPNN Realty LLC from Dennis J. Petimezas, property in Richland Township, $530,000.

Jordan P. Zungali from Timothy Behe, property in East Carroll Township, $120,000.

Ann A. Pisarski from Richard A. Pisarski, property in Portage Township, $14,000.

Davis Samuel Price from Ronald J. Kush Sr., property in Cambria Township, $204,500.

Desiree D. Messina from Eli M. Arotin, by attorney-in-fact, property in Northern Cambria Borough, $58,000.

Daniel Sauer from David M. Douglas, property in Hastings Borough, $10,000.

WJL Properties LLC from PA 1 LLC, property in Adams Township, $15,000.

George A. Benko Jr. from Suellen Jane Springer, property in Cambria Township, $12,000.

Jonah S. Lambie from Roberta R. Holtzman, property in Stonycreek Township, $74,900.

Thomas N. Ankney from Deborah E. Rege, property in Nanty Glo Borough, $22,925.35.

CPV Maple Hill Solar LLC from Wenturine Brothers Lumber Inc., property in Portage Township, $3,250,000.

Seth Moncrief from Louis W. Brumbaugh, property in Cresson Borough, $70,000.

Bernard F. Kralik Jr. from Michele M. Williams, property in Westmont Borough, $105,000.

Troy Bender from Desmond E. Warzel Jr., property in Nanty Glo Borough, $10,000.

Amber Shaffer from Ronald J. Cigich, property in Lower Yoder Township, $35,000.

Ashley Miller from Fannie Mae Federal National Mortgage Association, by attorney-in-fact, property in Upper Yoder Township, $164,900.

Jonathan M. Juhas from Emily M. Nemec, property in Washington Township, $192,500.

Irina Chloe Elli Eli Investments LLC from Velma M. Peskuric, property in Johnstown’s 20th Ward, $27,900.

Michelle C. Olson from Violet Hebden, property in East Taylor Township, $30,000.

Andrew M. Schneck from Lucetta C. Strayer, by attorney-in-fact, property in Richland Township, $157,425.

Rodger W. Walls from Patricia A. Schultz Rosian Residuary Trust, by trustee, property in Westmont Borough, $127,500.

Foundation For PA Watersheds from Mark M. Kleman, property in Portage Township, $135,000.

Kevin M. Smith from Dennis A. Storm, property in White Township, $150,000.

Laura Snyder from Edward E. Dierling, property in Croyle Township, $190,000.

Kimberly A. Haggerty from Robert J. Beck, property in Lower Yoder Township, $149,900.

Amanda M. Gainer from P&B of Westmont LLC, property in Westmont Borough, $189,900.

Flex Investments Inc. from Cory T. Allison, property in Johnstown’s 8th Ward, $15,000.

Endurance Capital Management LLC from Nathaniel Parveen, property in Westmont Borough, $145,000.

Somerset County

Robert Griffin from Margie S. Jones, property in Jefferson Township, $275,000.

West PA Properties from Chester Bittinger, by Tax Claim Bureau, property in Meyersdale Borough, $63,307.50.

Mark Borstnar Jr. from David Lepley, property in Quemahoning Township, $217,330.

Tyler J. Zborovancik from Samuel P. Davis, property in Quemahoning Township, $135,000.

Mountain Laurel Luxury from Brad R. Klueber, property in Addison Township, $111,711.

Paul V. Connon from Julie Ann Luteri Estate, property in Somerset Borough, $172,5000.

Carrie Ann Phillips from Kyle Shaffer, property in Allegheny Township, $25,500.

Stephen A. Hoy from Lawrence E. Fine Jr., property in Addison Township, $175,000.

Kelsie McQuaide from Joshua R. Hogue, property in Windber Borough, $74,200.

Lon Braman from Stephen L. Straka, property in Indian Lake Borough, $45,000.

Jonathan Stank from Stephen L. Straka, property in Indian Lake Borough, $125,000.

Alexander M. Yacynych from Deborah Ann Delancy, property in Garrett Borough, $37,000.

Luke B. Dibert from Terry L. Schafer Estate, property in Jenner Township, $45,000.

Wes L. Lewis from Alvin Rogal 2000 Family Trust, property in Jefferson Township, $40,032.

Ashley Spargur from David Seifert, property in Somerset Borough, $209,000.

Nathan L. Bennett from J. David Hoglund, property in Middlecreek Township, $252,888.

Michael T. Phennicie from Lance E. Bittner, property in Brothersvalley Township, $600,000.

Robert J. Hasse from Wessley, property in Paint Township, $32,000.

William C. Polacek from Jeffrey G. Carberry, property in Indian Lake Borough, $15,000.

Heather Kubel from Darlene Fullerton, property in Somerset Borough, $141,500.

Jeffrey A. Ferko from Paula Jean Soho, property in Shade Township, $13,000.

John M. Kimmel from Binnie J. Knupp, property in Shade Township, $25,000.

Breanna K. Shultz from Brianne E. Peck, property in Rockwood Borough, $125,000.

John Matthew Thomas from Pool & Spa Outlet Inc., property in Middlecreek Township, $399,000.

Robert E. Abraham Jr. from Eric C. Taylor, property in Jefferson Township, $250,000.

James Eckbreth from Carol S. Bleier, property in Middlecreek Township, $310,000.

Angel M. Duvall from Robert D. Shumaker Jr., property in Brothersvalley Township, $119,000.

Heritage Holdings Management from James M. Weaver, property in Jefferson Township, $240,000.

Robert P. Smith from Allen E. Custer, property in Berlin Borough, $155,000.

Raymond L. Grimm from Barbara E. Deardoff, property in Northampton Township, $32,000.

Corey S. Heller from George Harakal, property in Jefferson Township, $164,500.

Monica Michael from Robert M. Heinz, property in Jefferson Township, $33,000.

Zachary Lee from Ashley R. Nace, property in Black Township, $77,728.50.

Troy Buckham from Timothy P. Kozak, property in Jenner Township, $40,000.

Andrew D. Wozniak from Ronald W. Zorn, property in Jefferson Township, $210,000.

Michael Jeffery Dukovich from Marie L. Golio, property in Jefferson Township, $201,000.

John W. Jacob from Judith C. Wadding, property in Somerset Borough, $55,000.

Thomas J. Mcaneny from Bradley Q. Westover, property in Ogle Township, $397,000.

Rod C. Fisher from Jacob M. Snyder, property in Conemaugh Township, $85,000.

James L. Swauger from Carol Tressler, by POA, property in Quemahoning Township, $51,250.

William J. Shawley from Richard J. Barron, property in Boswell Borough, $119,900.

Curtis Bradley from Kathy D. Robertson, property in Somerset Township, $168,000.

Frederick Papson from Lisa B. Khorey, property in Jefferson Township, $280,500.

Michael J. Jasko from Steven Craig Sabo, property in Upper Turkeyfoot Township, $146,000.

Terry Lee Hay from Zubek Inc., property in Black Township, $50,301.

Chess Master from Dennis J. Wagner Jr./Sheriff, property in Somerset Borough, $85,905.

Kimberly Beck from Ronald A. Swider, property in Middlecreek Township, $228,000.

David Andrew Mihalko Jr. from TWB Corp., property in Paint Township, $250,000.

Carl A. Antonucci from Richard M. Ogle, property in Jefferson Township, $211,000.

Lori M. Heinel from Richard H. Wamhoff, by POA, property in Middlecreek Township, $780,000.

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