David Mastovich

As companies around the country are reopening, I’m noticing a common communication mistake. Most of them are worrying more about the channel than the message.

They’re focusing on how they plan to communicate instead of what they’re going to communicate.

They’re more worried about being unable to see their employees face-to-face or call them into the office, or go on a sales call, and think – “Oh no, I have to continue doing this over Zoom or Webex?” Or “I have to send this in an email?”

What they’re not understanding is the communication channel, while important, isn’t nearly as important as the story.

As you gradually reopen and work your way to normal, take time to focus on your many target audiences and think about what they want and need to hear.

Then, craft the story in a memorable way.

During the reopening phase, employees need to know how you’re keeping them safe and how they matter to you in both the short and long term.

Customers found a way to either do without you or bought from you in a different way. You need to show them why they benefit from buying now and into the future.

Centers of influence/referral sources are battling their own issues. You need to make it easy for them to again tell your story for you. You need to show them how.

Communicate clearly and frequently to each of your target audiences with your memorable stories.

When you have your story down, choosing the right channels to convey it is much easier.

David Mastovich is founder and CEO of MASSolutions, host of the “No BS Marketing” podcast and author of the book “Get Where You Want to Go Through Marketing, Selling and Story Telling.”

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