David Mastovich

“Perfect is the enemy of good.”

This is something that I say on a regular basis and it’s especially true in marketing.

At one point or another in our careers, we’ve fallen victim to the idea that we need to be perfect in order to succeed.

For most marketers, it’s crippling. They spin their wheels to achieve something that’s subjective in the first place.

And you know what the end result usually is? Nothing gets done when you’re trying to be perfect because you get lost in the details that don’t matter. So, how do you break the habit of trying to be perfect?

Here is a list of ideas to give you a boost in the right direction.

• Have a good attitude about your own performance. The quicker you realize that no one is perfect and nothing that you do will ever be perfect, the faster you’ll make progress in reaching your goals.

When you can forge ahead with a good attitude and aren’t thwarted by chasing the elusive idea of perfection, you’ll begin to make progress.

• Put yourself out there.

More times than not, we seek perfection because we want to show our peers that we’re successful and capable of making things happen. And, in order to do this, we are constantly pining for perfection, which in actuality holds us back from taking chances, facing our fears and getting closer to our goals.

When we wait for the perfect moment or push back timelines because it’s almost perfect, we’re stifling our creativity and doing ourselves a disservice.

Table the idea of perfection once and for all and put yourself out there. Remember, growth demands change.

• Keep pushing forward.

When it comes to marketing, the name of the game is speed.

The faster you move, the more agile you become and the quicker you can pivot to make necessary changes.

Working toward perfection does nothing but slow you down.

David Mastovich is founder and CEO of MASSolutions, host of “No BS Marketing” podcast and author of  “Get Where You Want to Go Through Marketing, Selling and Story Telling.”

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