Bill Eggert

Last summer was pretty bad. This summer was even worse.

On June 11, I suffered a major stroke. It took me two hours to crawl from the bathroom to my bedroom to get the phone to call an emergency number. The emergency services then responded very quickly and were there in five to 10 minutes and got me to Conemaugh hospital.

My previous stroke, 11 years ago, was a moderate stroke. I recovered in about a month and a half.

That was a “walk in the park” compared to this one.

As of the middle of September, I’m still affected by the stroke.

My right side, my dominant side, was once again affected. I’m right-handed which makes it very hard to do everything left-handed. My right side is paralyzed.

I’ve got some feeling going back in my right leg and my right arm. I can manage to move them both a little bit now.

Hopefully, I will get everything back. 

The prognosis says it may possibly take me three months, six months or even a year to get my full capacity back on my right side.

I have some of my power back, but not much. I’m afraid I’m in for a long haul.

I’m residing at Arbutus Park Manor. I am including my address at the end of this column if anyone wants to write me.

It’s been a difficult transition for me to go from having my mobility and my freedom to do anything I want, to being stuck here in this convalescence room. My prognosis was questionable, but I’m hoping to get all my powers back.

It’s been a slow go. My days are filled with therapy during the day and I have chats with my roommate Don, whose nice wife Margie comes in to visit him.

My nights are filled with watching TV and friends who visit.

The therapy in the morning is trying to get me to stand up, which has been very difficult. Hopefully, soon I will be walking, and I am taking therapy for that.

I also use some therapy on my hands in the form of electrical stimuli to get my right hand to move. That’s been partially successful. I hope it will be fully successful soon. Therapy consists of being wheeled down to the therapy room where they work on me, trying to get me to stand up.

I entertain myself by watching the Pirates lose, ever since the all-star break. 

Now I’m also watching the Steelers lose.

I discovered that Big Ben will be out for the season due to an arm injury. I have a lot of hope for Mason Rudolph, who seems like a good kid. He’s a very smart quarterback and the heir-apparent to Big Ben.

The Steelers have a long way to go and a tough schedule.

High school friends Dave C. and his wife Barb have been up here several times to visit me. My other high school friend, Mike R., has been over to visit me as well.

My old friends from Sears have been around as well to visit me. Bernie R. and Bob N. have been around to visit me. My couple church buddies have been over as well, such as my old friend Bruce B.

Father Peles has been here to visit me as well.

If my writing style seems different now, it’s because I’m taping my column into a tape recorder. A friend of mine has volunteered to take my tape recording and transcribe it.

I want to thank all my family and friends who have come to visit me this summer and hope they continue to find time to visit me and share thoughts and laughter with me and grace me with their company in the future weeks ahead.

In the meantime, I will continue writing my columns and try to come up with different topics. I will keep everybody abreast of how my recovery is going and hopefully I will get back to normal real soon.

My niece has a wedding coming up in December and I would really like to attend that.

So, everybody take care and please check your health. That’s one of the most important things we have going for us.

I can be reached at Arbutus Park Manor, care of Bill Eggert, Room 339, 207 Ottawa St., Johnstown, PA, 15904.

Bill Eggert is a Johnstown resident. He can be reached at He writes an occasional column.

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