Once upon a time in the land called Norwood, there lived King William and his wife Queen Beverly.

They had three handsome sons, all born three years apart.

The middle son, Prince Timothy, married and had two children, a boy and a girl. The little prince’s name was also Timothy, and the princess’s name was Amanda, whom the family dubbed Princess Dee.

Dee’s best friend when she was growing up was a stuffed animal, a yellow plaid elephant whom she called Lumpy.

When her uncle, Prince William, used to fly back and forth from Atlanta to home, he used to tease Dee by telling her he would take Lumpy with him and throw him out of the airplane when they got over Dee’s house. Dee could catch him falling out of the sky.

Princess Dee had no sense of humor about that. As Princess Dee grew older, she blossomed into a beautiful young lady who graduated from Pitt’s main campus. Dee was a cheerleader there, and studied to become a nurse.

Soon, Dee met a handsome young man named Matthew and before you knew it, in a few years, they got engaged to be married.

On New Year’s Eve, my niece Amanda married her fiancé Matthew. It was a beautiful wedding held at St. Benedict’s church in Geistown. The church looked beautiful and was still decorated with Christmas decorations, adding to the luster of the church.

They say that rain on a bride’s wedding day is good luck. I’m not sure what snow means, but we did have some flurries tumbling to earth both before and after the wedding.

Father David Peles performed the wedding ceremony and gave a beautiful homily to the new couple. The bridesmaids looked beautiful and the groomsmen looked nice – outshone only by the bride and groom. The parents of the bride and groom looked wonderful.

The bride looked beautiful as she was ushered down the aisle by her father. Everyone added dignity and class to the proceedings, from the flower girl to the readers, to the cantor. Mom was there, adding her ageless presence to the proceedings. Dad was there in spirit, I’m sure, to witness the event as well.

Before Mass, Matthew’s parents introduced themselves to me. They were both very nice.

Cool and calm, like James Bond, Matthew greeted me before Mass. Not being familiar with the people who came in to support the groom, I could only focus on my side of the family.

My brothers’ friends were there, as were my nephew’s friends and the bride’s friends as well.

After the ceremony was over, the official wedding photos were taken and that went seamlessly as well. Then everyone headed down to the Pasquerilla Conference Center in Johnstown for the reception, which went pretty much without a hitch with only a few road bumps along the way. The bride and groom spent time with everybody who showed up. The food was good; the music was good; the company was great. I got to spend some time with my relatives from Pittsburgh, who I don’t get to see that much.

I want to thank everybody who helped me to make this trip to my niece’s wedding possible: Vicky W.; Brenda L.; the nice ladies of the therapy department (including Mel, Tammy, Colleen, Jane and Riana); Shay from the salon; the drivers Brian and Vickie; and everybody who was responsible for getting me there for the wedding and the reception on a snow-filled night.

It was a great time. I wouldn’t have missed it for the world. It meant a lot to me and to all my family.

It was wonderful seeing my niece get married to Matthew.

Congratulations to Amanda and Matthew and may your lives be long and fruitful and happy.

Bill Eggert is a Johnstown resident and regular community columnist for The Tribune-Democrat.​ He can be reached at WDE1928@gmail.com.

Bill Eggert is a Johnstown resident and regular community columnist for The Tribune-Democrat.​ He can be reached at WDE1928@gmail.com.

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