Slingshot City Rentals

Mike and Krista Rager of Slingshot City Rentals ride in one of two Polaris Slingshots now available for rent in Johnstown.

Getting a great meal at an amazing restaurant is a big reason people come downtown, but these days it's more than interesting cuisine that's attracting visitors. Johnstown is quickly becoming a place where there are fun things to do.

Coal Tubin' offers the adventurous a ride down one of the city's rivers. Escape Rooms is all about thinking your way out of a sticky situation. World War III Paintball is an 18,000-square-foot, multi-level, indoor paintball field. There are museums, trails, rivers and a ride up the world's slowest roller coaster. Mountain bikers can take their bike up the Inclined Plane and zip down a trail – and then do it again!

This spring, another exciting adventure is available in downtown Johnstown. Slingshot City Rentals, located at the rear of 17 Johns St., offers Polaris Slingshots for rent by the hour or by the day. The Slingshot is a three-wheeled motor vehicle that is part car, part motorcycle. Unlike a motorcycle, it has a steering wheel and side-by-side seating for two. There is no roof, doors, or side windows and the whole interior is waterproof. It weighs 1,743 pounds and is powered by 2.4 liter inline four-cylinder GM engine.

No special training is required and drivers do not need a motorcycle license to operate the Slingshot –  although drivers must be 21 or older and goggles are required.

“We saw one of these when we were out of town about three years ago,” says Mike Rager, who started the new business with his wife, Krista. “We did a test drive and were sold on it. It was a blast.”

Rager says that the vehicle got lots of attention anytime the couple had it out. “Then we had the two girls and had a hard time getting any free time. It was just sitting around under a cover. We thought about how much response we got when we had it out and said, 'Why not rent this thing out?'

“People may not want to invest the money to buy their own, but they might want to rent it for the day,” Mike says. “We had a soft opening at the end of last season and this year we have added another one with all the bells and whistles.”


His wife says the vehicles are comfortable and appeals to just about anyone. “They are very stable, very safe to drive,” Krista says. “You have a 360-degree view. We live in a beautiful area with great mountain roads. Riding around here in the spring is beautiful and it is also amazing in the fall.” 

If the idea takes off, the couple hopes to perhaps add electric bikes and scooters and perhaps even Segways in the years to come.

“It's exciting to see all that's happening in the downtown area right now,” Mike adds. “There is a lot to be taken advantage of outdoors and we feel this is a great addition.”

Slingshots can be rented for two hours up to a full day. Everything can be done online in advance except for insurance which costs $15.

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