Teresa Adams

Teresa Adams 

Teresa Adams

It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving,” Teresa Adams says as she quotes Mother Theresa’s famous words.

Teresa, better known as Teri, is originally from Franklin Borough. 

She tells her heartfelt story of how, just a year ago, she survived a car accident that changed her life. The accident was quite horrifying, leaving her with several severe injuries to overcome.

She is unable to recall much, but one thing she remembers clearly is the team that helped save her life.

One of the first people to arrive at the scene was a young man who wore a T-shirt with a golden-winged-pin. He 

took matters into his own hands to find Teri’s cell phone and call her husband.

Although she is unsure of his name, she will always remember his good deed and caring demeanor.

Teri acknowledges all the emergency affiliates, the Somerset ambulance team, the Life Flight crew, 

Conemaugh Memorial’s Trauma Unit, Conemaugh Memorial’s nurses and doctors as well as her physical therapists, Jen and Julie, and her chiropractor, John.  

The family and friends who sent cards, prayers, and food meant the world to her.

“It was the kind, caring people who I want to thank from the bottom of my heart for helping me through 

such a difficult time in my life,” Teri. Says. 

She also thanks a young woman named Heather Rummel.

She was my angel during my time of need,” Teri says recalling how Heather came to visit her when she was in the hospital. “Her bringing me personal care products to help freshen me up made all the difference in the world.”

Teri is still working on a complete physical restoration. 

“I couldn't have ever gotten this far without the help of all those mentioned,” she says. 

Teri is currently employed at Conemaugh Regional Hospice (CRH) as volunteer coordinator, scheduler and secretary. 

She speaks highly of the CRH crew. “We are an outstanding team that offers our patients the best care during

the end of their journey. When they seem to be at their worst, our hospice team strives to give them our very best,” she says.

Prior to working for CRH, Teri spent nearly 18 years working in the banking business.

She and her loving husband, Kevin Adams, recently celebrated 40 years of marriage. He is her pillar she says.  They appreciate spending time with their three beautiful daughters, their son-in-laws, and their seven, soon to be eight, grandchildren.

Teri believes that her best strength is how she strives to instill kindness wherever she goes. She gives credit to 

her Mumma and her Buba who are no longer with us. “They were two of the kindest people who welcomed anyone and everyone into their homes,” she says. Teri believes that their kindness resonated down to her. 

In dedication to her Buba, Teri with the assistance of one her daughters, Tasha Adams, created “Buba Boxes”.

They are in loving memory of her Buba who always something had to give, even if it was only a hug. Each box contains a deck of cards, a small reading lamp, numerous personal hygiene items and a teddy bear.

The folks at Allegheny Unlimited Care Providers assemble the boxes and Teri and the CRH team distribute them to hospice patients.

Teri thanks Amy Croll for nominating her for Beautiful People. Amy is the CRH social worker and the pair have been friends for seven years.

Teri says she is humbled by the nomination and appreciative of the experience.

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