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Johnstown Magazine | Class of 2020

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Johnstown Magazine | Class of 2020

For 12 years, they worked with one goal in mind – senior year. The year when they would be celebrated and honored for all they accomplished. There would be class trips, cap and gown fittings, senior proms, skip days, part-time jobs, marching down the aisle to “Pomp and Circumstance.”

Moms would cry, dads would stand proudly, speeches would be given, memories would be recalled, class songs would be sung, caps would fly into the air.

But not this year. For the Class of 2020, things would be very different.

COVID-19 robbed so much from this eager class of young people.

What it has not been able to take away, however, are the accomplishments of this graduating class.

Seniors, we are all very proud of you and hopeful for all the good you will do the world in the years to come.

While we can’t begin to make up for all you have lost, Johnstown Magazine is devoting this page to you – our deserving high school seniors. The gallery on this page is made up of photos submitted by you and your families. We hope these photos remind us all of our most important asset – our amazing, talented and beautiful young people.

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