Brenda Scott

Brenda Scott stands behind the counter of her store, Brenda's Timeless Boutique in Moxham.

Starting in 2010, Paparazzi jewelry became a fashion trend. What is there not to like about stylish and chic accessories offered at affordable prices?

“I love Paparazzi jewelry and I bought so much of it that I decided to sell it,” Brenda Scott says. Scott became a Paparazzi independent consultant about three and a half years ago. “I remember when I was selling Paparazzi jewelry out of my dining room, but what I wanted was bigger than that,” she says.

Scott first collaborated with Camillya Taylor, another fashion entrepreneur in the Johnstown area. It was not long until both her clientele and her merchandise expanded. By 2020, she was ready to open her first boutique.  

Scott is now owner of Brenda’s Timeless Boutique located in the Moxham section of Johnstown. “Ever since I was a little girl, I always wanted to open my own boutique,” she says.

Brenda’s Timeless Boutique has more than just Paparazzi jewelry. It also carries women’s accessories, clothing and shoes. Scott was able to create a classy atmosphere by showcasing some of her glamorous merchandise in the windows and by giving her mannequins statement looks.

Originally from Washington, D.C., Scott moved to Johnstown due to her husband, Lawrence Scott’s, ministry work.

“I am a Christian and I give all thanks to God because he has opened doors for me that I couldn’t have opened on my own,” she says.

The Scotts have two children – Sara and JoJo.

Brenda wants to inspire them both to grow up to be anything they want to be. “I didn’t open my own boutique until I was in my 60s, but I still did it,” she says proudly.

Scott says she was inspired by her pastor, Dr. Marion Spellman, who started a drug and alcohol program with only 35 cents. That inspiration motivated her to become a successful business owner.

Scott plans to further expand her business. Her goal is to use her business as a steppingstone for others. “Eventually, I want to be able to help my community by being able to offer more jobs,” she says. “I am small now, but I am going to blow up.”

Brenda’s Timeless Boutique is located at 248 Ohio St., Johnstown. It is open from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday.  

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