Yvonne Roebuck

Be not afraid just trust in me

I’m going to use you in a mighty way

and many are going to see

Yvonne Roebuck writes her breast cancer survivor story in the form of beautiful rhythms.

Her poems reveal everything she conquered during her battle with the disease. She believes that her written words come from God, so she uses her poetry to inspire others.

Yvonne has battled breast cancer for more than 20 years. She recalls the mammogram that first revealed a tumor, describing it as “pea-sized and round.”

A biopsy resulted in a diagnosis of BRCA2 breast cancer, Yvonne says, and she went through 34 radiation treatments.

Thankfully, she was able to conquer the disease and, in 2011, test results came back normal.

Five years later, on April 1, 2016, Yvonne was involved in a car accident. Another driver hit the back of her car, causing the seat belt to tighten around her neck. After the accident, she noticed a lump on her neck. As time went by, the lump began to get bigger and she decided to get it checked out.

She was diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer.

Yvonne, this is round two

But remember I am in front of you

This time, Yvonne had to go through chemotherapy. She says the treatments drained her and made her very sleepy.

Several nights, she fell as she walked from her bedroom to the bathroom. Her daughter became concerned and Yvonne was transported to the hospital and then taken to the ICU.

“I’m tough, so I didn’t realize I was that sick,” Yvonne says.

Whatever you do don’t give up

I have the power to tell cancer when enough is enough

Yvonne remembers waking up in the hospital, surrounded by family members. The doctors were unsure she would survive. She lost her ability to walk.

One day turned into another and, as the days went by, Yvonne progressed. Eventually, she learned to walk again.

Yvonne says she never gave up. Each day, she walked a little bit farther.

“I’m a miracle,” she says.

Your sudden illness stunned family and friends

Your loving children and grandchildren thought for you it was the end

But what the devil sent for evil, he turned it around for good

So, if you’re not trusting in him, I believe that you should

Yvonne shares advice for anyone battling breast cancer.

“Whatever you do, make sure you eat your carrots,” she says with a laugh.

Ever since her sisters encouraged her to eat carrots, Yvonne is convinced the vegetable helped her get through her fight.

Yvonne lost one sister to breast cancer and two other sisters battled the disease as well. “You have to smile because you never know who is battling what,” she says.

Yvonne thanks her family and doctors for taking good care of her, especially Dr. Philip Gvozden and Dr. Ibrahim Sbeitan. She also thanks Mildred Hunter for sending her cards regularly.

“Mildred sent me cards every week and those cards meant a lot to me,” Yvonne says. “She didn’t have to do that.”

As of today, Yvonne is cancer-free.

She is a member of Flood City church and works full time caring for her daughter, who has multiple sclerosis. “The hardest thing about having breast cancer was not being able to be there for my daughter,” she says.

Yvonne believes she is blessed and continues writing poetry in hopes it blesses others.

She jokes and laughs a lot.

“I don’t have nothing to frown about.”

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