Knight in Tarnished Armor book cover

Domestic abuse seems simple when seen through the eyes of those who have no first-hand knowledge; victims need to leave the home and the relationship at the first sign of abuse – whether physical, mental or sexual.   

But, unless you have been there, those with no experience can't possibly understand.

Local author and inspirational speaker, Pam “PJ” Lambert, has been there and her book, Knight in Tarnished Armor, provides an honest look at domestic abuse through the eyes of a real victim.

The well-written book is largely based on journals the author kept during the tumultuous years of her marriage to her abuser. She penned her journals in case, she told a coworker, they could be used in a trial.

Thankfully, the journals were not needed at a trial as Lambert eventually escaped her abuser, but they had to be so helpful to the author as she penned this book. It's doubtful she would have remembered each incident in the detail provided in the journals.

Those who have no first-hand experience will find Lambert's story an interesting and informative read.

Those who have gone through similar experiences will identify with Knight in Tarnished Armor. Those still in an abusive relationship might find the strength to get out.

Perhaps Knight in Tarnished Armor is, at its best, a “self-help” book for abuse victims. Not only does it tell Lambert's riveting and horrific personal survival story, it gives a lot of good, practical advice on how to survive an abusive relationship, how to get out, how to move forward. There are lists of references, checklists on survival plans and a personal safety plan.

Since her ordeal, Lambert has become deeply involved in educating and advising others on domestic abuse. She does seminars and training on the issue and uses her time and talent to be a “voice for domestic violence victims.”

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