Barking At the Moon

If Erma Bombeck had a mantle, I am sure she dropped it on the capable shoulders of Tracy Beckerman.

Her new book, Barking at the Moon, bears all the hallmarks of a Bombeck story – it’s warm, it’s incredibly human and it’s FUNNY!

Beckerman, a syndicated humor columnist, says she wrote the book to remind readers that “no matter what stage of life we’re in, we can learn a lot from the dogs who teach us how to stop and enjoy the ride.”

Barking at the Moon centers on Riley, a black Labrador retriever who joined the Beckerman crew of Mom, Dad, Emily and Josh – and promptly took control of the family.

Mom, Tracy, tries to keep everything in line, but it isn’t easy. Riley isn’t the family’s only pet. There’s also a large bearded dragon that eats live crickets and needs warm baths every time he is constipated, an escape-artist chinchilla and fish that come and go.

It’s a hectic household.

But somehow the family manages to survive the many misadventures and learns to love a dog that eats socks, digs countless holes in the back yard, pukes on the only spot on the floor that is covered by an expensive rug and insists on eating grubs.

Readers will enjoy Riley’s visit to the doggy day spa and his meeting with the neighbor’s Schnoodle.

While the Beckermans had birthday parties for Riley, their Jewish friends held a Bark Mitzvah for their dog, serving kosher kibble and yelling, “Muzzle tov!”

Beckerman takes her readers from one laugh-out-loud romp to the next.

The book is so funny one could be lured into believing it won’t end the way most tales of beloved pets end. Surely it closes on a high note. It does. But be prepared and keep a tissue handy, because Barking at the Moon is not only funny – it’s real.

The Beckerman children were 5 and 7 when Riley came home with them. He was with them 10 years.

Somewhere along the line, we forgot that kids grow up and that dogs get old, and when that happens, it is dizzying in its swiftness and its sorrow,” the author writes

Anyone who has been a parent or has had a beloved pet will understand.

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