Chalk it up to a certain long-running medical drama or decades of soaps set in hospitals: physicians have a reputation for high-intensity romantic antics, at least on television. People sometimes assume the profession is flooded with divorce, especially considering the hectic schedules that …

Much of the millennial generation nurses a reverence for Pixar Studios because of the importance of its first 11 films. Since Cars 2 broke that pristine record, it has been spotty.


In 2019, Ed Dreikorn III and his wife, Leah Spangler, opened an Airbnb in the upstairs apartment of a former bike shop on Walnut Street. The building, owned by Dreikorn's family, most recently served as location for Ed's brother's stone business.

Like the mines and miners he writes about, Damian Dressick's first novel could probably best be described as “gritty.”


In this technological era, when you can get a foot-long hoagie and a pair of shoes with a press of a button, why not a date made in heaven?

It was going to be a bleak Christmas, that one in 1889. The effects of the devastating flood that had struck the city just seven months earlier were still being felt, not to mention the anger that was now replacing the sorrow; anger at the men who had allowed a dam at the South Fork Fishing …

A Johnstown couple has started a company that brings together two things they hold very near and dear to their hearts – excellent wine and military veterans.

Silas Dillon of Cary County is a book we all should read. Not because it tells a compelling story – it does – but because it’s an eye-opening look at what happens to children who fall through the cracks.  

“They say ‘you don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone,’ and I think a lot us have realized just how much we relied on our time with other people in person to give us energy and joy and meaning. I’m looking forward to 2021 as the year that brings back all that we have been missing so dearly…

Passion and frustration may not stand out as business terms, but for one family of runners, the combined sentiments launched a business: a specialty shoe store they called Up-N-Running.

Although Ron Howard’s newest movie, Hillbilly Elegy, is set in rural Ohio and Kentucky and not Cambria County, locals may find people and places in the film that look very familiar.

Much jubilation and fanfare surround New Year’s Eve – perhaps this year more than ever as most of us will be happy to put 2020 in our rearview mirror.

Being born in the '50s was a wonderful experience. I lived with my parents on a scenic, rural road high up on top of one of the highest hills in the area.

In the age of coronavirus, being grateful for what you already have can read like a Chicken Soup for the Soul book. With over 30 million Americans claiming unemployment and the Covid-19 death toll crossing the 200,000 mark, life can seem overwhelming.

With the decline in potential earnings or profitability of dairy farms — the sale price of milk lower than the cost of producing it — dairy farms have been compelled to diversify into value-added products such as ice cream, cheeses and cheese curds.  

This Christmas season, we wanted a fun Christmas movie to heartily recommend to folks. Seeing that a sequel to The Christmas Chronicles would be available on Netflix by time of publishing, it seemed like the time to give the original 2018 film a shot.


Farmstead Dutch Gouda cheese wheels and pasteurized whole milk in old-fashioned glass bottles — these are the two items soon to be added to the product line at the Van Grouw Farm in Somerset County.

Although many of our usual holiday traditions have been cancelled this year, there are still places to see light displays – many without leaving the comfort of the family car.

While Gerry Stanek’s first book, a collection of short stories called They Came Here Looking For Light: The Plattsville Stories, was well-written, but dark, his second is a light, coming-of-age gem set in the 1970s in northern Cambria County.

Richard Jewell is a 2019 film depicting real-world events around the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, from the point of view of Richard Jewell.

Back in the days before Mapquest and Google Maps, drivers used folding maps. Superhighways didn’t exist. Driving was new.

Although many Halloween activities are cancelled this year, Bottle Works Ethnic Arts Center is hosting a frightening event in a not-so-frightening, covid-safe space.

Domestic abuse seems simple when seen through the eyes of those who have no first-hand knowledge; victims need to leave the home and the relationship at the first sign of abuse – whether physical, mental or sexual.   

There is a great deal to say about the new live-action remake of Disney’s Mulan – without actually talking about the content of the film. 
    First, it has accumulated controversy politically, to the point of being boycotted by many critics.


Kathy Lasko's ordeal with breast cancer may have left her a little diminished physically, but her spirit is more full than ever. “I am just so thankful for those who were there for me,” the 61-year-old Geistown woman says. “For God most of all, but also for my family and friends who were so …


The news of breast cancer came the day before 22 family members were to arrive for Thanksgiving dinner. It was Nov. 26, 2019, and for 64-year-old Maryann Ackman of Davidsville, “the phone call from the radiologist confirmed what I suspected.”


Although the physical distress caused by breast cancer is significant, Marla Kelley says it is the emotional anguish that is the most difficult. “They don't prepare you for the mental end of things,” she says.


Speaking as a 21-year breast cancer survivor, Starr Durham often tells her story in large rooms filled with professionally dressed men and women. But she can also be found at an African American church or on the phone with a retired woman who is reluctant to share her diagnosis with anyone e…


Traci Fotorny says her belief that breast cancer was part of God's plan for her life helped her get through the ordeal with a positive attitude and without questioning why she got the disease at just 47.

Dr. Deborah Sims was born and raised in Detroit, but these days she is very much at home in Windber where she is a breast cancer surgeon at Chan Soon-Shiong Medical Center. Sims began her career as a general surgeon in Michigan in 1988 and worked at teaching hospitals for 20 years. She start…


Marjie Figura says learning she had breast cancer was not news she wanted to hear. But, she says,“I did better than I would have ever expected. My thought was, 'OK, where do we go from here?'


It was during a walk in Stackhouse Park years ago that Bradford and Laura Gordon of Westmont happened upon an old picnic pavilion across a creek in a clearing. They envisioned the pavilion as a stage; the natural slope of the ground across the creek would be perfect for an audience. It spark…


It's probably not a place you drive by on your regular routes and, even if you do happen to pass by, you might not notice it. But Southern Yankee BBQ & Fish Fry is worth seeking out.    

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