Lori Baungardner

Lori Baumgardner is vice president and senior marketing director at 1st Summit Bank, 125 Donald Lane, Richland Township.

Lori Baumgardner took her career from retail management to vice president and senior marketing director at 1st Summit Bank, a company that has repeatedly been listed among the top places to work in Pennsylvania by the nonprofit Team Pennsylvania.

Baumgardner also has  begun a new role in the Pennsylvania Bankers Association, serving on the Women in Banking advisory committee.

“I will be on that committee for the next three years,” Baumgardner said. “We know women have a desire for mentorship and to grow our careers and expand our minds.”

Baumgardner has worked at 1st Summit for 31 years.

“Originally, I was in retail management, but I wanted something with convenient hours for raising a family,” Baumgardner said. “I had applied at 1st Summit, and they saw something in me, so I was hired as a sales rep.”

At the bank’s Richland office, she found opportunities to be involved on various company committees.

“My supervisors thought I would fit a dual role of public relations as well as sales representative for the bank. I did that for a few years,” she said. 

After some time in the marketing department, she was named a vice president of the bank and senior marketing director. She has held that role for six years.

J. Eric Renner, president and CEO of 1st Summit Bank, said Baumgardner is a leader of the company.

Baumgardner manages all of the bank’s public relations, community affairs contributions, sponsorship budgets and creative marketing – and is heavily involved in the publication of the bank’s annual report.

“I think Lori has been a leader at the bank and is a factor that keeps us a ‘best place to work,’ ” he said.

1st Summit was one of three Johnstown businesses named recently to Team Pennsylvania’s 2020 list of best places to work in the state.

Team Pennsylvania’s website says that hundreds of businesses registered and winners were chosen based on who receives the highest combined scores in a twofold evaluation: a review of a company’s workforce policies, practices, philosophies, systems and demographics, along with the results of an anonymous employee survey measuring employee satisfaction.

Wessel & Company and Concurrent Technologies Corp. were also on the 2020 list.

1st Summit Bank is a $1.2 billion institution with 200 employees among 16 branch offices and another soon to open in Murrysville, Renner said.

“We have had a significant amount of growth, and marketing is an important focus at this point,” Renner said. “Lori is a good coach and a good mentor. She knows her stuff, works hard and she is very creative as well.

“She creates an energy while thinking of new ways to present the bank’s mission, which is to serve customers. I think bank has done that well for 96 years and we continue to do that with Lori on the team.”

Russ O'Reilly is a reporter for The Tribune-Democrat. Follow him on Twitter @RussellOReilly.


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