Books roundup 2015

From novels to children’s and educational books and other nonfiction,  writers throughout the region have written books.

Books are blooming as local and regional authors write novels, children’s and educational books and other nonfiction.

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“Seraphim” by Michelle Malcolm of Johnstown is her first novel about how one wrong turn can lead a life down a completely different path.

It is available for $11.95 at or $10.76 for paperback and $2.99 for Kindle on

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“Only Black is in Style: Unfashionably Dark Verse” is a book of poetry and original photography by sisters Linda M. Toki and Laura J. Toki, both graduates of Richland High School.

The book is a collection of words and images and is available for $62 on

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“Confessions of a Sinner: A Collection of Short Stories” is a 74-page paperback by Otis aka Dennis J. Buczkowski of Nanty Glo.

It is available for $9 at

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“The Tree Shack” by Charles E. Kupchella of Ebensburg is a fictional tale of the nature of religion and extremism it sometimes causes.

It is available for $12.80 for paperback and $8.99 for Kindle on

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“Growing Up White” by James P. Stobaugh of Hollsopple is the fictional story of a white, transplanted southener who married a northener and adopted three African-American children.

It is available for $17.96 for paperback and $5.63 on Kindle on or for $20 at

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“Buddy and His Pals: True Stories of Horses, Llamas and Cats” by Loretta Radeschi of Bedford Township is the story of the real-life antics among her animals for 4- to 8-year-olds, illustrated by Cindy Inman of Manns Choice.

A portion of each sale will be donated to Pets-In-Need.

It is available for $11.95 at, by emailing or calling 623-7399 and for $9.86 on

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“Help Me Understand the Bible” by Clarence Whetstone of Bedford is an easy-to-understand guide written for the common person.

The soft-cover book is available at Wholesome Living, 107 Railroad St., and Partners in Rehab, 606 E. Pitt St., both in Bedford, and Fringes Hair Salon, 207 N. Spring St., Everett, and for $18.57 for paperback and $3.99 for kindle on and

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“Super Core! Turbocharging Your Basal Reading Program with More Reading, Writing, and Word Work” by Mark Weakland of Hollsopple shows teachers how to create a more effective and engaging core-reading program by subtracting a few program components, adding key research-based instructional practices and formative assessments and becoming mindful of fundamental content and instructional values.

It is available for $29.95 for nonmembers or $23.95 for members from the International Reading Association or for $28.45 for paperback and $14.99 for Kindle on

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“Jaded” by Windber native Kristy Feltenberger Gillespie of  Warrenton, Virginia, is a young adult thriller about a soon-to-be 17-year-old girl named Jade who lives in eye-color-obsessed Nirvana commune.

Her book is available for $10 in paperback and $1 on Kindle on

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“Flight Medic” by Johnstown native retired Air Force Capt. John J. Bilak of Del Norte, Colorado, is a memoir of his medical experiences in Vietnam and as a physician’s assistant in the Air Force in the states.

His book is available for $14.95 on

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“Knight of the Road” by Johnstown native J.A. Tipton of Westerville, Ohio, is an action-adventure novel, and tribute to his father, about a long-haul trucker, which takes place in Johnstown.

It is available for $12.90 for paperback or $3.99 for Kindle on

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Donna Cummins, a former Johnstown resident who now lives in Tampa, Florida, is the author of the Blacklick Valley Mystery Series, which is set in Johnstown.

The first book in the series, “Rain of Terror,” is a mystery thriller written to emphasize the vulnerability of children in today’s society.

The second book in the series, “A Reason to Kill,” is a mystery romantic suspense bringing attention to domestic violence and the victimization of women.

Both are available for $12.59 in paperback and $3.99 on Kindle at

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“Phantom Hoof Prints” by Johnstown native Kathleen Parker of Bethel, Delaware County, is a juvenile novel about the competitive world of horse training, complicated teenage relationships and a local mystery.

It is available for $18.95 at

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“Glitz Glamour Style” by former Johnstown resident Jacquie (Letizia) Bennett of Woodland Hills, California, is a collection of essays, including memories of life in Johnstown in the 1950s and 1960s.

It is available for $17.99 for paperback or $9.99 for Kindle at

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“Wherever the Wind Blows” by Paul A. Snyder of New Enterprise is a historical novel with mild Christian overtones set in the Great Depression.

It is available for $8.38 for paperback and $3.99 for Kindle at

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“Stars and Flowers: Informative Talks with Celebrities about Plants” by former Johnstown resident Evelyn Klahre Anderson of Erie is a collection of celebrity interviews from the ’70s, ’80s and ’90s about plants, flowers and the outdoors.

It is available for $22.95 from

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“Light Reading Top 10” by Johnstown native Dave Mastovich, founder and president of Pittsburgh-based MASSolutions, is an ebook roundup of posts selected by the readers of his “Light Reading” blog, which is published in more than 50 media outlets.

The ebook is free and available to download at

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“A Colony Sprung from Hell: Pittsburgh and the Struggle for Authority on the Western Pennsylvania Frontier, 1744-1794” by Daniel P. Barr, a professor of early American history at Robert Morris University in suburban Pittsburgh, is an account of the early settlement of the region around Pittsburgh.

It is available for $43.82 for hardback or $32.99 on Kindle at

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“Classic Steelers: The 50 Greatest Games in Pittsburgh Steelers History” by David Finoli of Monroeville takes the Black and Gold from 1933 to 2009.

It is available for $14.95 for paperback or $10.49 for Kindle at

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“Around Blair County” by Tyrone native Jeffrey L. Adams uses a collection of photos and postcards collected by the author to highlight Blair County in this pictorial history.

The book is available for $19.79 for paperback and $9.99 for Kindle on or for $21.99 through Arcadia Publishing at

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“Medicaid, PA Nursing Homes and You” by Eugene J. Sauers of Levittown is an 84-page book in a question-and-answer format to help guide Pennsylvania residents through state regulations and give them the knowledge to obtain medical assistance from the state Department of Public Welfare, where he worked for 27 years.

He is owner of Sauers Consultation and Services for the Elderly in Bristol and Levittown.

His book is available for $22.46 on

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“The Good Living” by Gary Barnhart of Uniontown, Fayette County, is his debut murder mystery about a small mountain town in Pennsylvania, where members of the community are struck down in what appear to be horrific accidents.

It is available for $11 at

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“Swept Away” by Paul Andrews of North Carolina, originally from Pottsville, Schuylkill County, is a historical thriller taking place the weekend of the 1889 Johnstown Flood and told from the perspective of an immigrant teenage boy from a struggling family and the affluent girl of society he secretly courts.  

It is available for $3.99 for Kindle at, Apple iBookstore and Barnes & Noble.

Ruth Rice covers Features for The Tribune-Democrat. Follow her on Twitter @RuthRiceTD.

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