Rick Pavic

Rick Pavic

The third time’s a charm for Rick Pavic.

The Johnstown resident is a regular contributor to The Tribune-Democrat’s “Your Story” promotional feature, having had his chapters chosen a few times as winners over the past couple of years.

“It’s pretty exciting,” he said.

“I’ve noticed with this story that it’s a tough one. It’s a good storyline, but you could write 30 chapters on it.”

Pavic said he thinks of himself as more of a closer and prefers to wrap up a story rather than write the middle.

“I debated not doing this chapter. One of my wins was on Christmas Day and I was so excited about that, but there’s good writers out there, and it’s not a given I’d get that closing spot,” he said.

“I decided I better jump in.”

He said reading the next chapter in “Your Story” is like opening a Christmas present.

“It’s disappointing when you don’t win, but you wake up on that Sunday morning and look to see where someone has taken the story,” Pavic said.

“It’s fun and I look forward to it.”

For approaching the chapter, Pavic said he worked from what the previous three authors had written.

“What I didn’t want to see happen was the story create this cliffhanger, so I thought about what I could put into this story and create so that it would not look like it has been forced, but that can really shut it down and give it that happy ending,” he said.

“It had to be a letter. It’s the only way to shift the gears without sending this thing off the tracks.”

Pavic said, unlike previous years, he’s unsure how the story should finish and is eager to see how it plays out.

“I really don’t know, even with my chapter being selected,” he said.

“Now there’s a letter that exists and what is it going to say? Is there going to be a necklace? What is going to give her (Olivia) peace? Is somebody going to be good enough to write that final chapter where she doesn’t get the necklace, but still ends up happy?”

Pavic said writing has been a hobby of his for many years, and he enjoys exploring different genres.

“I’m writing a murder-thriller trilogy, kind of like a ‘Criminal Minds’ type of thing,” he said.

“I have a bunch of different projects started, and as the spirit moves me, I’ll grab the computer and go to that genre.”

In addition, Pavic has written two children’s books along with a murder mystery under a pen name and an introspection short-story compilation project.

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