Suzanne O. Davis

Suzanne O. Davis will present a musical tribute to Carole King at 7:30 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 12, 2019, at Pasquerilla Performing Arts Center in Richland Township.

A musical tribute to Carole King will have you feeling the earth move.

Tapestry, The Carole King Songbook with Suzanne O. Davis will be presented at 7:30 p.m. Saturday at Pasquerilla Performing Arts Center on the Pitt-Johnstown campus, Richland Township.

The show re-creates the sound and energy of King’s concert in the 1970s.

Audiences will be transported to the iconic image of King’s “Tapestry,” a multi-million dollar album in 1971.

Davis lends attention to detail in re-creating a flawless presentation of King’s piano and vocal style.

She said she started putting the show together five years ago and it snowballed from there.

“I’ve played music all my life with a lot of tribute shows but I wanted to produce one of my own,” Davis said.

“When this came up, the urge was so strong, it was like I was compelled to do it. Right from our first show, people just loved it and I knew it was good.”

She said from a musical standpoint, King’s music is a good fit for her as a pianist and vocalist, plus the tunes are timeless.

“ ‘Tapestry’ music is just in the musical fiber of American pop music, so it resonates with me like it does everyone else,” Davis said.

“I can’t really think back to a time when we didn’t have those songs.”

The concert will feature the complete “Tapestry” album, including “I Feel the Earth Move,” “Beautiful,” “You’ve Got a Friend” and “Where You Lead.”

“The second set we go back and do a lot of the ’60s music and songs from the Broadway musical ‘Beautiful: The Carole King Musical,’ so we really cover two decades worth of music,” Davis said.

“Not only do we revisit this great album from 48 years ago, but it’s a fun show. My goal is to make sure people laugh, clap and get involved.”

Not only does Davis channel the characteristics of King at the piano, but her stage presentation endears her to the audience.

“I like to have fun and talk with the audience about the history of the songs,” she said.

“I think people want to feel that we’re all sharing these moments together, and we are.”

Davis said it’s important to keep the show a respectful salute to a musical icon who has had so much influence on popular music.

“The real Carole King fans are loving the show, totally appreciate that we keep it real, and get the fact that I bring the vibe of Carole with me onstage,” she said.

“The audience seems to want to go with me on this musical journey during these concerts.”

For those who attend the concert, Davis said they’ll experience a trip down memory lane.

“When I talk to people after the shows, they thank me for playing that music and say it took them right back to their college days or they have a real emotional attachment to the ‘Tapestry’ album,” she said.

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Tickets are $42 for premium and $37 for regular.

To order tickets, call 814-269-7200 or visit

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