New COVID-19 cases in this region continued to trickle in over the past week at their lowest rates since last June.

Department of Health reports show Cambria and Somerset counties added just 15 cases each since July 4, approximately two cases each per day, and neither county had any new deaths attributed to the virus.

Cambria County reached 14,837 total cases and remains at 441 deaths. Somerset County is at 8,087 cases and 218 deaths, and Clearfield County is at 8,659 cases and 156 deaths.

Bedford County added 21 cases and one death, bringing its total to 4,738 cases and 142 deaths, while Indiana County added 10 positive cases and now has 6,423 since the pandemic began.

Blair County added three cases and one death over the past seven days and now has 344 deaths and 13,524 cases.

Westmoreland County, which added 28 cases over the past week, inched up to 34,470 total; its 779 total deaths did not change last week.

While cases continue dropping in the region, it’s not the same case in some pockets of the nation. Tracking by Johns Hopkins University showed seven-day averages of new cases rose by more than 100% last week in Florida and “particularly unvaccinated” parts of the Midwest, including Arkansas and Iowa.

The state Department of Health lists county-by-county vaccination rates based on each county’s population of people ages 10 and older.

As of Friday, 49.9% of Cambria County’s residents 10 and older had at least one vaccine dose. By comparison, the statewide average for people receiving at least one dose is 56.6%. A total of 46.2% of eligible Cambria County residents are fully vaccinated – a rate that also falls behind the state average, but leads the region.

In Somerset County, the percentage of people who are at least partially covered is 43.6%. According to the Department of Health, 39.7% are fully covered.

Blair County is up to 46.4% of its population with at least one dose and 43% with both doses. Indiana County is at 41.1% and 37.7%, while Clearfield County is up to 45% and 42%. Bedford County still trails at 34.2% and 31.8%.

David Hurst is a reporter for The Tribune-Democrat. Follow him on Twitter @TDDavidHurst and Instagram @TDDavidHurst.

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