Memorial Medical Center

Becker: Mark and Kristie Becker, Johnstown, daughter, Sept. 6.

Cashaw: Catier Cashaw and Unique Hamilton, Johnstown, daughter, Sept. 6.

Emigh: Travis and Kaitlyn Emigh, Johnstown, son, Sept. 6.

Hewitt: Earl and Alison Hewitt, Indiana, son, Sept. 6.

Hunt: Nathan Hunt and Amanda Knipple, Ebensburg, daughter, Sept. 5.

Kennell: Dustin Kennell and Courtney Voytek, Johnstown, daughter, Sept. 5.

Knepper: Shawn and Michele Knepper, South Fork, daughter, Sept. 5.

Mack: Cheyenne and Heather Mack, Johnstown, son, Sept. 5.

Shell: P.J. Shell and Amanda Adamo Shell, Northern Cambria, son, Sept. 5.

Stombaugh: Matthew and Rebekah Stombaugh, Portage, daughter, Sept. 4.

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