Memorial Medical Center

Beal: Hogan Beal and Sophia Schrock, Meyerdale, daughter, Oct. 24.

Blank: Jacob and Kaylee Blank, Boswell, daughter, Oct. 22.

Fisher: Cephas and Barbara Fisher, Springs, daughter, Oct. 21.

James: David and Nicole James, Cresson, son, Oct. 25.

Shroyer: Jennifer Shroyer, Johnstown, son, Oct. 21.

Skoner: Matthew and Kelly Skoner, Windber, daughter, Oct. 21.

Stepien: Christian Stepien and Olivia Hazlett, Summerhill, son, Oct. 24.

Walls: Daquain Walls and Amber Pitt, Johnstown, son, Oct. 24.

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