Memorial Medical Center

Bernat: Seth Bernat and Candice Buksa, Johnstown, daughter, Oct. 15.

Dabbs: Don and Elyse Dabbs, Cairnbrook, son, Oct. 14.

Jordan-Maines: Taionna Jordan Maines, Johnstown, son, Oct. 14.

Kozak: Michael and Ashley Kozak, Johnstown, son, Oct. 14.

Pecora: Marco and Nicole Pecora, Johnstown, son, Oct. 15.

Peterson: Aaron and Brittany Peterson, Johnstown, son, Oct. 15.


Moore: Matthew and Kara Moore, Missouri City, Texas, daughter, Sept. 23, at Methodist Hospital, Sugarland, Texas. Mr. Moore is the son of Craig and Merikay Moore, of Johnstown. Mrs. Moore is the daughter of Al and Cathy Kleinman, of Johnstown. 

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