Memorial Medical Center

Facci: Matthew and Mindy Facci, Johnstown, son, Oct. 9.

Haskins Renney: Skylar Haskins and Hunter Renney, Johstown, son, Oct. 9.

Link: Kyle and Megan Link, Nicktown, daughter, Oct. 9.

Maser: Justin and Teira Maser, Johnstown, son, Oct. 10.

McClelland: Reuben and Janine McClelland, Windber, daughter, Oct. 9.

Pletcher: Grant and Maghan Pletcher, Markleton, son, Oct. 9.

Schenk: Michael and Shannon Schenk, Ebensburg, son, Oct. 9.

Yoder: Cordel Yoder and Reba Charlton, Garrett, son, Oct. 9.


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