Memorial Medical Center

Battle: Abdullah Battle and Kali Barnes, Johnstown, daughter, July 2.

Cieslo: Jason and Karen Cieslo, St. Michael, son, July 1.

Delano: Aaron and Aryn Delano, Stoystown, son, July 1.

Holderbaum: Darren and Melissa Holderbaum, Alum Bank, son, July 4.

JoVan: Malynda JoVan, Johnstown, daughter, July 4.

Kerr: Chris and Nicole Kerr, South Fork, son, July 2.

Lauffer: Jonathan and Stephanie Lauffer, Ligonier, daughter, July 3.

Overdorff: Caleb and Kimberly Overdorff, Johnstown, daughter, July 2.

Reilly: Paul and Victoria Reilly, Johnstown, son, July 4.

Rusnak: Bryan and Lora Rusnak, Portage, son, July 3.

Warshel: Scott and Jessica Warshel, Johnstown, daughter, July 3.

Zapola: Brian and Amy Zapola, Bedford, daughter, July 1.