Memorial Medical Center

Erzal: Nathan and Melissa Erzal, Loretto, son, June 4.

Hartman: Brandon and Vannessa Hartman, Salisbury, son, June 4.

Mattis: Christopher Mattis and Shelby Piker, Johnstown, son, June 5.

McVicker: Matthew and Deanna McVicker, Johnstown, daughter, June 4.

Nelson: Jaquay Nelson and Harmoney Hunt, Johnstown, daughter, June 3.

Pozun: Alex and Melissa Pozun, Johnstown, son, June 4.

Sefick: Shawn and Lisa Sefick, Johnstown, daughter, June 3.

Smith: Amanda Smith, Johnstown, daughter, June 2.

Still: Brandon and Katie Still, Indiana, daughter, June 4.

Thomas: Tanner Thomas and Shelby Younkin, Meyersdale, son, June 4.

Walker: Brian and Miranda Walker, Johnstown, daughter, June 5.

Zaramba: Jared and Courtney Zaramba, Davidsville, son, June 3.

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