Memorial Medical Center

Boring: John and Jessica Boring, Johnstown, son, March 29.

Burkett: David and Courtney Burkett, Imler, daughter, March 28.

Conzatti: Giacoma Conzatti and Alaina Malfer, Hollsopple, son, March 28.

Duray: Matthew and Kelsey Duray, Boswell, daughter, March 29.

Farabaugh: Dennis and Kendra Farabaugh, St. Boniface, daughter, March 28.

Grasso: Brandon Grasso and Kayla Fisher, Johnstown, son, March 29.

Hagans: Ronald Hagans and Shyanna Kmett, Johnstown, son, March 29.

O’Donnell: Vincent and Erin O’Donnell, Johnstown, daughter, March 28.

Penrod: Jonathan and Angel Penrod, Friedens, son, March 29.

Stossel: Michael and Kathleen Stossel, Windber, son, March 29.

Warholic: Matthew and Cassandra Warholic, Patton, daughter, March 28.