The following are real estate transactions for $10,000 or more:

Cambria County

Melissa A. Marlowe from Walter C. Ellsworth II, property in Johnstown’s 17th Ward, $34,900.

Thomas Brown from Samuel Balak, property in Upper Yoder Township, $27,000.

Brad M. Dayton from Robert A. George, property in Stonycreek Township, $76,500.

Aspen Fluid Logistics LLC from Resurrection Roman Catholic Parish, by trustee, property in Johnstown’s 16th Ward, $55,000.

Debbie A. Maluchnik from Kenneth E. Powley, property in Richland Township, $87,000.

Robert S. Phillips from Michael D. Demmy, property in Stonycreek Township, $60,500.

Casey D. Surap from Kathryn M. Vasilko, property in Summerhill Township, $48,050.

Pamela J. Stewart from U.S. Bank National Association Trust, by attorney-in-fact, property in Upper Yoder Township, $49,900.

Frank Caddy from Lisa A. Alva, property in Johnstown’s 17th Ward, $41,225.

Richard M. Plaza from Christopher M. Glessner, property in Lower Yoder Township, $187,000.

Bernadette A. Himmel from Margaret T. Wintz, property in Susquehanna Township, $30,000.

Brian J. Sidone from Travis Stouffer, property in Stonycreek Township, $112,000.

Norman Van Male Jr. from Blanche Leonard, by attorney-in-fact, property in Summerhill Township, $11,000.

Kevin S. Eamigh from Northwest Savings Bank, property in Johnstown’s 21st Ward, $50,000.

Kurt M. Kushnir from Edward J. Mizak, property in Westmont Borough, $66,000.

Kara L. Gillin from Ralph J. Zajac, property in Gallitzin Borough, $67,500.

Michael Mirabile from Richard A. Buck, property in Stonycreek Township, $79,500.

John A. Lechene from PNC Bank, property in Chest Township, $35,000.

Christopher M. Glessner from George L. Heider, by agent, property in Westmont Borough, $200,500.

Kenneth L. Christoff Jr. from Joseph A. Pavelko, property in Northern Cambria Borough, $60,000.

Thomas G. Roles Jr. from Beneficial CDC, property in White Township, $35,000.

Robert L. Flick Jr. from Walter R. McCombie, property in Richland Township, $38,500.

Critchfield Family Revocable Trust from Madeline G. Garbarino, property in Westmont Borough, $115,000.

Timothy J. Holtz from George Skebeck, property in Hastings Borough, $27,000.

Thomas S. Hollis from James W. Hollen, property in Reade Township, $68,000.

Stephanie M. Hillegass from Women’s Help Center Inc., property in East Conemaugh Borough, $21,400.

Wells Fargo Financial PA Inc. from William W. Cramer Jr., property in Johnstown’s 17th Ward, $48,077.80.

John T. Repsher from Anna Waye, property in Richland Township, $89,900.

Stacie L. Eckenrode from Ruth A. Criste, property in Johnstown’s 17th Ward, $26,500.

Edward C. Phister from Jamie M. Callahan McCusker, property in Loretto Borough, $47,000.

Robert L. Stevens from Rose M. Stevens, property in Richland Township, $115,000.

Roy A. McClellan from George Harris, property in White Township, $80,000.

Jeremiah Swartz from Richard L. Vautar, property in Johnstown’s 18th Ward, $75,000.

Terry J. Shaffer from Catherine A. Shaffer, property in Croyle Township, $20,000.

Robert L. Keith from Homesales Inc., property in Northern Cambria Borough, $12,750.

Mitchell J. Voytish from Rorabaugh Family Living Trust, by trustee, property in Cambria Township, $53,000.

Elyse J. Hood from Thomas Brown, property in Upper Yoder Township, $44,680.85.

Alexander P. Lehman from James A. Lehman Jr., property in Johnstown’s 11th Ward, $20,000.

Michele L. Cummings from Elinor North, property in South Fork Borough, $64,500.

Mark R. McCann from Scott A. Reed, property in Upper Yoder Township, $150,500.

Westmont Investment Properties LLC from Rosemary E. Stager, property in Richland Township, $51,000.

Scott B. Peel from Mary F. Holbay, property in Browns-town Borough, $71,550.

Casey J. Ribaric from Robert L. Wertz, property in Johns-town’s 17th Ward, $35,000.

John J. Sladki from Gary A. Poborsky, property in Southmont Borough, $76,000.

Reo Asset Acquisition LLC from Leonard E. Miller, by sheriff, property in Adams Township, $13,710.75.

Eugene F. Sherry Jr. from Floyd M. Farabaugh, property in Cambria Township, $19,000.

Mark D. Maclaughlin from Fred M. Critchlow, property in Blacklick Township, $11,500.

Jason T. Mock from Agnes Nekosky, property in Richland Township, $81,500.

Jonathan A. McIntyre from Barry J. Motchenbaugh, property in Summerhill Township, $94,000.

Frank E. Lombardo from First National Bank of PA, property in Portage Borough, $22,000.

James E. Noble from Adam L. Stiffler, property in Vintondale Borough, $40,000.

Brittany L. Redvay from Agnes M. Heidenthal Living Trust, by trustee, property in Upper Yoder Township, $94,500.

Thomas P. Fry from Residential Mortgage Trust, by attorney-in-fact, property in Wilmore Borough, $22,000.

P&B Westmont LLC from Nelson G. Wheeler, property in Westmont Borough, $70,000.

Patricia Frederick from James P. Buksa, property in Lower Yoder Township, $32,500.

Joseph P. Stiles from Joseph A. Silvestri II, property in Dale Borough, $20,000.

Somerset County

Thomas A. Gilchrist from Samuel M. Bitonti Jr., property in Addison Township, $12,100.

Gregory A. Custer from Tracey L. Zimmerman, property in Shade Township, $58,859.50.

First National PA from David R. Watkins, property in Jenner Township, $32,383.26.

William Rosche from Sally A. Arrich, property in Addison Township, $95,000.

Matthew R. Byler from Loretta Jane Benson, property in Elk Lick Township, $20,000.

Pamela Klink from Wayne E. Krause, property in Meyersdale Borough, $65,000.

Mark Anderson from Joseph G. Hoffman, property in Boswell Borough, $50,000.

Chance M. Thomas from Neil L. Marisa, property in Jenner Township, $125,000.

John Mort Jr. from Federal Home Loan Mortgage, property in Stonycreek Township, $40,000.

Ronald G. Matse from Brad C. Pitera, property in Conemaugh Township, $70,000.

Michael L. Gorman from William D. Shaw, property in Jenner Township, $108,000.

Timothy A. Martin from Lawrence J. Rosage, property in Indian Lake Borough, $135,000.

Ronald L. Maga from Eugene Black, property in Shade Township, $80,000.

Robert A. Sanzo from Emily R. Kline, propety in Shade Township, $18,000.

Scott D. Glessner from Michael F. Omerzo, property in Lower Turkeyfoot Township, $20,000.

Edgar T. Hammer III from Andrew S. Bruns, property in Somerset Township, $352,500.

Randy S. Siska from Thomas J. Cerwinsky, property in Windber Borough, $15,000.

John S. Hostetler from Samuel Robert Shields, property in Conemaugh Township, $19,000.

James C. O’Bryon from Alden M. Townsend, property in Addison Township, $12,500.

Jeffrey L. Kana from Bonnie E. John, property in Upper Turkeyfoot Township, $105,000.

Amanda L. Sarver from Ronald Paul Decker, property in Summit Township, $93,500.

Dennis E. Dickey from Denise K. Robertson, property in Black Township, $45,000.

Jeremy Stanikan from Fannie Mae, property in Conemaugh Township, $123,000.

John S. Hostetler from Mark A. Knapp, property in Conemaugh Township, $21,500.

Trackside Auto Shine from Donna B. Fridy, property in Somerset Borough, $100,000.

Clay A. Morocco from H. Curtis Nibert, property in Somerset Township, $35,000.

Christopher Shaffer from Robert E. Linds, property in Somerset Borough, $112,500.

Luis A. Benitez from Jeffrey N. Kadans, property in Indian Lake Borough, $151,000.

Thomas A. Walker from Jack H. Shaffer, property in Indian Lake Borough, $280,000.

John J. Fleegle from Joseph L. Zeigler, property in Shanksville Borough, $83,000.

Joseph L. Zeigler from Debra Ann Lockard, property in Stonycreek Township, $185,000.

Jackie Dewayne Hinzy from Clarence F. Keslar, property in Addison Township, $40,000.

Kevin D. Young from Charles R. Opyrchal, property in Jefferson Township, $140,000.

Travis E. Hankinson from Borut Spehar, property in Brothersvalley Township, $190,000.

Eric A. Hoffman from John F. Smihal, property in Windber Borough, $50,000.

David H. Gnagey from Naomi E. Maust, property in Meyersdale Borough, $39,300.

William J. Wyrick from Linda F. Prager, property in Middlecreek Township, $247,500.

Jason W. Tipton from Donald W. Engle, property in Meyersdale Borough, $65,000.

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