We urge our readers to cast their vote for Mitt Romney to be the next president of the United States.

We did not endorse then-junior Sen. Barack Obama four years ago as we felt he was unprepared and lacked the leadership and real-world skill sets vital for holding the most important office in the world.

Our fears were correct.

Obama campaigned on a message of hope and change, a message that resonated with a war-weary America. He was elected to right a ship that was in serious trouble.

Four years later, his administration has been staggered with disappointments and failures, not all of his making. His plan for America arguably has been sidetracked by a troubled worldwide economy and Republican leadership in Congress bent on making him a one-term president.

We were disappointed with Obama on two major fronts – in his divisive tone, pitting classes of people against one another, and his refusal to accept responsibility for his administration’s failures. Blaming someone else became an art form for his administration.

Obama’s policies have severely hampered our economy; his unprecedented spending and national debt run-up have saddled future generations.

His foreign policies have weakened our national interests globally, rattled and confused our closest allies and emboldened our enemies.

We have and continue to applaud his efforts to remove our troops from costly wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and for approving a plan that brought an end to the life of the world’s No. 1 terrorist, Osama bin Laden.

While both major parties are culpable and the cause of a “do-nothing Congress,” Obama did not deliver on his promise to reach across the aisle and unite the parties through honest negotiations. His promise of an open and transparent administration evaporated during his closed-door Democrats-only Affordable Care Act meetings. He will be remembered as a partisan, divisive president.

Obama fell way short on his promise of hope and change. He learned the hard way, at America’s expense, that clever slogans and catchy phrases are no substitute for strategic plans that include party(s) buy-in, well-thought-out details, structure and accountability.

Indeed, America stands at critical crossroads for her future on Tuesday.

Mitt Romney is a former governor, a proven leader, with a successful record both in governing and in business. He understands the importance of free enterprise. He comprehends with perfect clarity that small businesses and entrepreneurs – not the government – are the drivers of a strong economy.

Romney believes a robust economy is the key to alleviating poverty and helping people become more self-reliant.

During this campaign, Romney laid out detailed plans for economic recovery, job growth and reducing the public debt, concepts painfully absent from Obama’s campaign.

Romney promises to unleash America’s energy resources like never before, ushering in a new era of energy independence. And our region will benefit greatly from that goal. Romney will halt Obama’s premeditated efforts to crush one of our area’s most precious job creators – the coal industry.

Romney will cut the deficit by reducing spending to 20 percent of the GDP without touching entitlements or defense. He promises to open markets overseas to American-made goods and to hold China accountable for cheating that has cost Americans jobs.

He will reassure our allies abroad, including Israel, with a clear, consistent foreign policy message of peace through strength and commitment.

Romney is committed to repealing Obamacare, replacing it with reforms that will not bankrupt America, strangle individual rights, handcuff or interfere with medical professionals and their patients.

America yearns for a president who will unite us – not divide us.

One with vision, who will inspire, uplift and motivate.

America wants a president who will promote our national values abroad and not apologize for them – a leader who will hold up this great nation as the beacon of freedom that she remains.

Gov. Romney is that leader, and we urge our readers to cast their vote for a stronger America, by electing Mitt Romney as the next president of the United States.

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