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Readers' Forum 2-19 | More questions than answers

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Posted: Tuesday, February 19, 2013 1:00 am

As a Johnstown resident trying to understand the recent Johnstown Redevelopment Authority changes, I find I am only left with more questions regarding:

* The vague investigation that is often referenced yet never explained.

* The three authority employees placed on administrative leave that has not been explained nor validated.

But the most important and most troubling question of them all:

* Why is a Byzantine Catholic monsignor on the board of Johnstown Redevelopment Authority in the first place?

When I think of cutting edge, youth-inspiring business leaders, the Byzantine Church does not come to mind.

Taking nothing away from the religion, the Byzantine Church is not exactly synonymous with “new and exciting” ideas, so doesn’t this strike anyone else as a very troubling conflict of interest or, at minimum, a poor choice of a person be on the board of an authority charged with bringing business to our struggling city?

Hopefully, the majority of these questions will be answered in the following days and weeks, but I feel that the monsignor would be best served focusing on his own church.

Riley Martin


Will congressman support his area?

In his State of the Union address on Feb. 12, President Obama stated his goal of providing federal government funding for highways and bridges.

He also pledged his support to create economic-development projects for our country’s most economically distressed areas.

If this occurs, it is certain that the Johnstown area could receive quite a bit of that aid.

I would like to ask our new congressman, Keith Rothfus: Would he oppose this funding, and if it were to be approved, would he decline to use his influence to direct any of that funding to the Johnstown area?

It is obvious that Rep. Rothfus has few friends in this area, and even more clear that our area was a political liability to him during his election.

Furthermore, as a tea party-type person and someone with absolutely no ties or loyalty to the Johnstown area, the answer is already apparent: He will oppose this funding and have little interest in directing any of this type of aide to our area.

I am disgusted with the large number of people from Cambria County who voted for this man. Unfortunately, we all must live with the consequences.

For all his faults, U.S. Rep. Bill Shuster is all we have left as our congressman.

Richard J. Holsinger


Spending battle will reach crescendo

The battle over the automatic cuts in federal spending will hit in March. But what does it really mean?

Defense spending would be cut by $42.3 billion and the rest of the federal government’s combined spending would be cut by another $42.3 billion.

Congress can fix the military spending cuts, but how can we cut $1.87 trillion from the deficit spending? The Democrats’ game is to force the Republicans into raising taxes on the rich.

Some of you will say, so what? The rich can afford it. Yes, they can. And the rich are leaving the United States at 10 per day. Since 2008, 75 percent of the so-called rich have fled America and taken their money with them.

Bolivia is one of the spots they have moved to. The so-called rich were numbered at 500,000 in 2008. Today, we have 150,000 and dwindling daily.

In 2012, we sent $60 billion to Hurricane Sandy districts on the East Coast,  and the sequester will only cut $42 billion from the deficit. What’s wrong with these numbers? We cannot rebuild America’s economy by driving away the rich.

The economy will never reach its strength again. While giving federal workers a 23 percent pay raise, President Obama plans to cut the military pay by 20 percent.

We cannot afford to refuel the USS Abraham Lincoln, so it sits dead in the water at the Norfolk Naval Base. The president has ordered another carrier squadron dismantled.

When the 43,000 soldiers come home from Afghanistan, what will they come home to – no jobs, no unemployment benefits?

Ed McGarvey



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