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Readers' Forum 7-30 | Is there a cure for 'disenfranchisement'?

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Posted: Tuesday, July 30, 2013 1:03 am

I’m not sure just what it means for a person to be “disenfranchised,” but some judges and politicians fear this condition would strike those who have to produce valid identification to vote.

There already has to be untold legions of disenfranchised people because they lack proper ID to get a driver’s license, ride on an airplane, take a cruise or even cash a check (I had to show my driver’s license to pick up a prescription at Walmart the other day).

Nobody seems to care about these people. Or maybe it only strikes those who have to provide ID to vote.

If someone becomes disenfranchised, do they get physically ill, depressed, unhappy? What actually happens to them? Is there medication to take? Are there Disenfranchised Anonymous meetings to attend? Can one hope to ever recover from this affliction?

Let’s make sure that the government provides all assistance needed to those suffering from disenfranchisements of any form, not just the voting type. We cannot cause even more people to be running around disenfranchised because they are required to provide proper ID to vote, especially since they only have a couple of years between elections to comply.

Chuck Graybill


Pathetic attempt at paving streets

If you happened to be driving around my neighborhood, Moxham, don’t be alarmed. A blacktop truck did not drive around spilling asphalt everywhere while traffic ran it into the ground, turning the big bumps in the road to smaller ones filled with tire tracks.

What actually happened was even worse.

Johnstown’s Public Works Department came to Moxham after endless complaints to the city and pleas to council members from me and other residents.

I’ve been told this poor example of how to fix potholes that was left in the wake was due to a lack of manpower and a lack of resources.

I was a member of a construction union for 24 years. To me, it looked like lack of leadership and lack of the city’s pride. Here’s a tip: Fixing something once right is cheaper than fixing it 10 times badly.

If this pathetic paving is the best the city can do, then it should be ashamed of the product it is providing to taxpayers.

Here’s what your tax base does when you show them your improvement plan. House for sale: Front porch view of a collapsing building, a street like the lunar surface and a glimpse of the mess Johns-town is turning into. I’ll sell cheap. Expensive sewage tap is not included. Please get me out of here.

Joseph Warhul


Councilwoman made correct call

I would like to thank City Councilwoman Marie Mock for speaking out on the drug dealers and the slum lords in Johnstown.

Dealers are all over. They do their dealings anywhere, that is why they are so polite. And this is where the slum lords enter the picture. They don’t care who they rent to, just so they get their money.

Mock called them as she saw them – slum lords.

You go, girl.

Tilly Rae Fleegle


Letter added to family’s pain

I am responding to the letter that was printed in the Readers’ Forum on July 24 by A. Lee Fenimore, “Burned home spewing health hazards.”

The Tribune-Democrat did not falsely report that the father of the three children saved their lives. Their father is the one who ran upstairs in the burning home to pull them to safety because they were sleeping. The neighbor, Jason, helped after dad got them downstairs. Dad handed his son to Jason while running back into the building to get his two daughters.

As far as the house containing asbestos, if it did we all would be very sick. I have no clue why this woman would say that.

She should review the facts because she assumes that she knows what happened that night. This man is a father of three children, raising them on his own. He would never leave them in a burning home.

She has no idea what this family is going through. They have no one to rely on in this town. This is the last thing that they needed to read or hear about.

Think before writing. Everything that these children had is gone. Thanks to their father and Jason they were able to get out of the house alive.

Thanks to Fenimore, this family can relive this horrible night.

Jerica Goss