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  • Editorial | Pull the cork on PLCB

    Republicans believe they are as close as they have ever been to getting a liquor privatization bill passed.

    • icon posted: March 03
  • Editorial | New rules for election letters

    We take pride in our role in the democratic process and we want our readers to remain active by offering their opinions on candidates they support.

    • icon posted: March 01
  • Editorial | Laurels and barbs

    Laurel: Participants and donors to the Cambria Somerset Heart Ball and Penn State’s “THON” are to be commended for donating to their respectiv…

    • icon posted: February 28
  • Editorial | Bishop McCort dropped the ball

    We’re disappointed with Bishop McCort’s handling of its football coaching situation and hope what we’re seeing is a simple case of an overzeal…

    • icon posted: February 27
  • Editorial | A salute to homegrown talent

    Dylan Johnson could be compared to Will Hunting, the character played by Matt Damon in “Good Will Hunting.”Damon’s character had a gift for ma…

    • icon posted: February 26
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